Post Election - Challenges and Hopes for the Future

Date: December 07, 2016 Posted by: Khalida Zaki

After a bitter and prolonged debate and the very close election results, the soul of America has been left bruised and a healing process is needed. While it poses a host of challenges and uncertainties abound, we will have to live with the reality of opposing views of the future of the country. However, we can reaffirm our faith in the greatness of the country, taking some lessons from the history.

After all, we can all agree on the broader goals for the society - to ameliorate poverty, injustices, and improve the wellbeing of people in society. The difference is in the approach! Does the mechanism to achieve these goals lies in following more state-controlled policy of economic growth, or in leaving it to the free market forces? History shows us that at the extremes both approaches have not worked well for majority in the world. It is obvious that the masses have suffered from the forces of globalization and unbridled capitalism that widened gaps between nations and between the classes of people. Many of us feel left behind - especially, those caught in the rapid changes in the structure of the global economy and mind boggling technology revolution. We need to acknowledge their pain and seek relief and remedy of their unfortunate situation. At the same time, many of us are dismayed by lingering racism, sexism, xenophobia and other...isms.

Equally valid is the demographic reality of the US diversity - religions, races, migrants, refugees, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, women, LGBTs and so on, which will continue to reshape the America ahead of us. The changing the U.S. landscape - increasing "browning" of America - when the minority ethnic groups of today will constitute a majority of the total populations in next 2-3 decades, is also alarming to many of us who feel threatened by the possible loss of their identity.

No matter, the country has to come together in acknowledging the kernels of truth in the seemingly two opposing sides. The first step should be for the two Americas to honesty feel each other's pain and reaffirm that we all seek live liberty and pursuit of happiness. The greatness of America lies in the greatness of its democratic institution of the people. The hope is in the people not in the divisive policies and agenda of the politicians!