Selected Civic Organizations

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    Montgomery County Muslim Council

    Main mission of MCMC is to help Montgomery County Muslim community become proactive participants in all aspects of civic life of our area, including active participation in the political process of our county and the state of Maryland. Through this effort we hope our community will influence in a positive way, affairs of the county and the state.

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    Montgomery County Muslim Foundation

    The MCMF is dedicated to reduce the sufferings and hunger of less fortunate residents of Montgomery County regardless of their faith, race, color or ethnicity. It is a Non-profit Tax exempt 501(c) (3) charitable organization and is currently supporting and managing many welfare programs.

     Its various programs are explained its website.MCMF website

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    American Muslim Institution

    AMI's mission is to be a credible, proactive voice for American Muslims and to promote a positive image of Muslims through dialogue and understanding both within the American Muslim community and with other American religious communities, civic and political leaders, and opinion makers.

     AMI Website

Selected Religious Organizations

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    Muslim Community Center

    Promote brotherhood and human dignity among all by developing an environment of understanding, compassion, and justice in personal and professional life. Serve the needs of the Muslim community and community at-large in a manner that promotes its positive image and standing in a changing environment. Represent the Muslim community in interfaith circles, in government, public and media relations, and in the society at-large.

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    Islamic Center of Maryland

    The Islamic Center of Maryland is a religious and educational non-profit organization where all activities are guided by and do not contradict the teachings of Islam. The Center complies with the laws of the United States as well as the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service for non-profit organizations.

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    All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center

    ADAMSí mission is to provide religious, social, and educational services to enable the Muslim community to fulfill its responsibilities and contribute to the betterment of society by embodying and exemplifying leadership and excellence and fostering peace. ADAMSí vision is to be a model American Muslim community with which Allah (God) is pleased.

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